FAQs about Oud

Oud lessons are individual lessons given to each student separately at a schedule that suits them and at their own pace

Yes, I always have places for new students. Lessons are given individually.

You may purchase one lesson at a time until you decide to commit.  After that, we suggest purchasing a package of several Oud lessons.

Yes! I teach Oud and music from the very basics to the most advanced theories.

We have our pricelist available on the website. We suggest purchasing a package of several lessons.

We have availability during the day as well as the evening, almost any day during the week.

There are several options for that. If you’re located in Montreal, I can show you where to get an Oud from shops, and online.

I can let you use one of my Ouds for the first lesson. However, it’s mandatory to have an Oud in the long term and also to be able to practice at home.   I may be able to show you where to acquire an Oud from.

Learning an instrument is a long process. Starting from zero, with no background in music at all, it may take you several weeks before you can start playing simple songs.

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