Abwab El-Salam of Wadih El-Safi – Cover by Wassim Njeim

The title of this song translates “The gates of peace”. It’s a song about yearning for peace, composed and performed by the late Lebanese singer Wadih El-Safi. It pretty much describes the situation that some countries in the Middle East have been in for so many years. Translation: My homeland is suffering, pity. It has had enough. We’ve had enough of tragedies, promises and talks. Pupils at school, the churches bells, the soldier and the knight, and the sound of the mosque prayers All are praying for peace to come. My father told me a story about his old dream He said the relief is coming soon from God And now I am the age of my father Oh poor me, I still have hope inside me I live in the dreams And my life is still waiting at the gates of peace. WASSIMUSIC www.wassim.net